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Tastes like dark chocolate. Feels like a dip in the ocean. Meet ujji, the enlightened coffee alternative that balances and revitalizes, eases stress and anxiety, and creates clarity like meditation.

Built with the world's best ceremonial matcha, raw heirloom cacao, plant-based adaptogens, and nothing else. Backed by 6,000 years of global traditions and 1,246 clinical studies. Sourced from organic artisanal producers in 7 countries and 3 continents. We call it functional-artisanal.

Impossibly rich and relentlessly simple, ujji is a mindful moment to bask in. Just mix with hot water or milk, sip, and savor. Welcome to wellbeing, simplified.

Ingredients: raw heirloom criollo equadorian cacao*, ceremonial-grade first-flush japanese matcha*, lion's mane mushroom extract*, ginger*, ceylon cinnamon*, full-spectrum indian ashwagandha extract*, turmeric*, japanese l-theanine, himalayan salt.

100g / 20 servings per jar